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Our vision of Growing for Good also means the establishment of transparent management and organizational structures.

Our structure

Suntory Beverage & Food EECM-Benelux consists of three separate business units that are part of the SBFE Group:

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Schweppes International Limited

Schweppes International Limited with its principal place of business in Amsterdam, The Netherlands responsible for the franchise markets in Europe, Northern and West Africa and the British Caribbean. Our products are commercialized in over 50 countries throughout the world, with Western Europe as the heart of our business, and reaching as far as Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and French overseas territories and departments.

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Suntory Beverage & Food Benelux

Suntory Beverage & Food Benelux : Operating in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with its headquarter in Genval, Belgium.

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Suntory Beverage & Food Poland

Suntory Beverage & Food Poland operating in Poland with its headquarter in Warsaw, Poland.

Meet our leadership team

The Suntory Beverage & Food EECM-Benelux Leadership Team is looking after three legal entities. It is led by Alexis Daems, COO of SBF EECM-Benelux and includes representation from the core functions of the business including Marketing, R&D, Supply Chain Operations, Finance, HR and IT, and the local divisions’ Chief Operating Officers.

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Alexis Daems


Alexis joined Suntory over 10 years ago and has a strong track record in the FMCG industry and in general management. He has held various roles within Suntory starting as Food Sales Director in Belgium before taking on the GM role for Belgium. Alexis then moved to Australia as Chief Executive Officer for Frucor Australia. In his last role, he was Chief Commercial Officer for Australia and New Zealand. Alexis became COO of SBF EECM-Benelux in 2020.

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Risk Management Committee

The main role of the Risk Management Committee is to ensure business continuity. To do so, the Committee identifies and reviews any potential risk we may face as a company and oversees the implementation of measures to counter those risks. The Committee is also responsible for developing consistent and comprehensive risk management plans and strategies aligned with the business objectives.

The Risk Management Committee is led by France Hanniet, our Chief Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer, and is made up of the SBFE Executive Committee members, with the support of SBFE Risk Management team. The SBFE Risk Management Committee reports directly to the Suntory Beverage & Food Risk Committee in Japan.

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Ethical & Compliance Committee

SBFE has also set up an Ethical and Compliance Committee, led by the Chief Legal Officer and made up of the SBFE Executive Committee and members of the Risk & Compliance department of Suntory in Japan. 

The role of the Ethical and Compliance Committee is to be the main decision-maker in compliance matters, like anti-bribery and corruption regulation and GDPR programs. It’s also responsible for overseeing and monitoring the development and implementation of legal compliance programs across SBFE companies.

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Company policies and guidelines

Building trust with our consumers, suppliers and employees is a vital part of growing our business in a sustainable and transparent way. We have a number of essential compliance procedures and policies for our employees, supplier and business partners that you can view here.

sbfeecm policies

Download our Supplier Guidelines

Download our Employee Code of Conduct

Download our Anti-Bribery Policy