Unique, Diverse, bold, and driven by a
vision of Growing for Good

Suntory Beverage & Food Europe, Export and Commercial Markets & Benelux (SBF EECM-Benelux) is a management grouping of Schweppes International Limited, Suntory Beverage & Food Poland and Suntory Beverage & Food Benelux.

Our uniqueness lies in our culture, a distinctive blend of Japanese heritage and European roots, and our people, who are driven by our bold and playful Yatte Minahare (“go for it”, in Japanese) spirit.

mizu tu ikiru


Mizu To Ikiru

Everything we do flows from our promise: Mizu To Ikiru (existing with water). Water, precious and powerful, shapes our world and makes life possible everywhere. And water is at the heart of our business as a beverage company.

Growing for Good


Growing for Good

Our vision of Growing for Good inspires how we grow our business sustainably. We believe that both growth and good are equally important because the bigger we are, the greater our positive impact can be.

Global company EECM Benelux


A Global Company

Suntory is a global enterprise, with more than 300 companies and 42,000 employees. Since our foundations in 1899 Suntory now has grown into one of the world’s leading beverage and food companies.

Driven by our founders’ legacies

Shinjiro Torii shared his ambition, passion and entrepreneurship with other founders, who like Torii were true pioneers of their time.

They all had a thirst for challenge, an obsession for people and a mindset of sustainable growth, and together, they contributed to making what Suntory Beverage & Food Europe is today.

​Shinjiro Torii founded Suntory upon the belief of giving back to society and this inspiring past drives us to build a better future with generosity, authenticity, connection, creativity and humble determination.

shinjiro torii


Shinjiro Torii

Shinjiro Torii launched Suntory in 1899. His entrepreneurial mindset, his visionary dreams, and his love for challenges are strongly embedded in the way we do things. He continues to inspire us still today through his Yatte Minahare spirit.

jacob schweppes


Jacob Schweppe

A true pioneer, Jacob Schweppe applied his creativity to develop the first effective process to produce carbonated mineral water in 1783. The brand is now a synonym for carbonated and tonic water worldwide.

jean claude


Jean-Claude Beton

From a small, family-owned factory in Algeria to a world-renowned brand, Jean-Claude Beton’s entrepreneurial spirit was instrumental in building one of France’s more iconic drinks. His determination helped bring a taste of the Mediterranean to the rest of the world.

william hunter


William Hunter

His determination to help his sick daughter led William Hunter to develop Glucozade. This was the first drink that combined great taste and glucose. Today, Lucozade Energy is all about unlocking the potential of people’s positive energy.

vernon charley


Dr Vernon Charley

Dr Vernon Charley was a leading scientist at the University of Bristol before developing Ribena in 1938. The discovery of the high levels of vitamin C in blackcurrants prompted him to create a juice drink that’s been enjoyed by generations ever since.

Our business

The Suntory Beverage & Food EECM-Benelux business units cover our License agreement in Europe, Caribbean and Africa, but also our direct business model in Poland and Benelux. We come together as One Suntory and share a common goal: to bring people together through moments of pleasure and celebration with our drinks.

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Our locations

List of countries:

Suntory Beverage & Food Benelux: Belgium

Schweppes International Limited: Netherlands

Suntory Beverage & Food Poland: Poland

Local representation of Schweppes International Limited: Ghana

Local representation of Schweppes International Limited: Trinidad and Tobago

Local representation of Schweppes International Limited: Morocco

Where we come from


Shinjiro Torii founds Torii Shoten, starting with the production and sale of wine.


The company launches the first authentic Japanese whisky, Suntory Whisky Shirofuda (white label).


Kotobukiya changes its name to Suntory Limited and enters the beer business.


Suntory establishes Suntory Foods Limited, our beverage and food division.


Suntory welcomes Orangina Schweppes Group to the Suntory Beverage & Food Group.


Suntory Beverage & Food Limited is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Suntory welcomes Lucozade Ribena Suntory to the Suntory Beverage & Food Group.


Suntory Beverage & Food Europe (SBFE) group of companies is established.


The Suntory Group adopts Mizu To Ikiru as its promise. Like water, we change and adapt. Every day, we turn into something new.


SBFE group of companies come together under a new visual brand and name identity

The story continues...