Our drinks: enabling positive choices

Our drinks play a meaningful role in the lives of our consumers. They bring people together in joy and satisfaction, and offer a range of choices to help them live healthier and more conscious lives.

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Reducing sugar in our most popular drinks

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Nutritional information fully available

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Marketing and advertising codes of practice

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We are proud of creating drinks that people enjoy and love

We remain committed to helping our consumers live healthier lives by improving and innovating with our drinks.

Dr Caroline Saunders – Director of Nutrition,
Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

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Less sugar

We continue to work on reducing the sugar in our drinks. By 2025 we want to reduce added sugar in our portfolio by 35%. To achieve this forward-looking objective, we are working on two separate initiatives. One is to reformulate many of our existing drinks to lower the sugar content. The second is to create new, lower-sugar, lower-calorie drinks, to broaden the range of healthier options for consumers.

35% sugar reduction

Added sugar reduction by 2025 v 2015

Sugar below 5g/100ml

Double the volume of drinks sold with sugar below 5 g/100ml between 2015 and 2025

Nothing artificial

Removal of artificial colours and flavours by 2025

sbfeecm sustainability products positive choices

Positive choices

We want to promote and encourage healthy and positive choices in consumers. We provide accessible and easy to read nutritional information about our drinks, to encourage an informed choice about the drinks they consume.

Our commitment to responsible and conscious marketing is reflected in our choices of when and where we promote our drinks, as well as in our promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.

More natural

Many of our consumers tell us they would like more natural beverages, so we have set ourselves a goal to remove all artificial colours and flavours from our drinks by 2025.

Our research and development teams are always looking for new and innovative ingredients to help us reach our aims. Our scientists are part of a global network of experts who share best practice and experience, and bring these insights into our business.

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