More Brands

Our range of soft drinks also includes brands such as Canada Dry, La Casera, Sunny Delight, Champomy, Ricqlès, Pampryl and Banga.

brands logo canada dry

Canada Dry

Canada Dry is an original soft drink with ginger extracts. Created in Canada in 1904, this unique and refreshing ginger ale drink brings a taste of the open Canadian outdoors.

brands logo la casera

La Casera

The Mediterranean light refreshment, clear as water but with bubbles, a sparkling low-calorie touch to refresh you. In the 1950s, La Casera® soda was born, a drink designed to be shared with family, either combined with wine or consumed on its own, as a soft drink. The traditional glass bottle with its revolutionary porcelain stopper defines an era that has remained engraved in our memory.

brands logo sunny delight

Sunny Delight

Sunny is the soft drink that parents and children love, because it's tasty, has no preservatives or artificial colouring. It is low in sugars and contains vitamins to support your immune system.

brands logo champomy


A fun and refreshing party drink for children made from 99% apple juice and soft, elegant bubbles.

brands logo ricqles 2


Rich taste, rich history. Invented in 1838. Trademarked in 1857. Popular since 1869. Comforted soldiers in the early 20th century. With us since 2001.

brands logo pampryl


Enjoy the authentic taste of pure fruit juices anywhere you want, at home or on the go, thanks to the wide range of flavours of Pampryl.

brands logo banga


Created in 1968, Banga is a fruit drink made from orange synonymous with adventure and fun. Come to a new adventure full of joy and freshness with this delicious fruit drink made from concentrated orange juice.