People: giving back to society

Giving back to society has been a key part of our business since the foundation of Suntory. We want to contribute to positive change in society with local programmes and initiatives where our employees can become more involved and support their local communities.

But positive change starts within our business as well.

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Lead by example

by making sure our whole supply chain adheres to the highest ethical standards

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Positive working environment

with policies designed to support the wellbeing and development of our employees

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Diversity and Inclusion

by ensuring we have a diverse and inclusive workforce

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Giving back to society is at the core of Suntory’s values

We are proud of the work we are doing supporting our local communities and making Suntory a better and more-welcoming workplace for everyone

Catarina Bijlard – Chief Human Resources Director,
Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

giving back to society

Empowering communities

We have several initiatives across SBFE to give back to society in partnership with local and national charities, local institutions and volunteer organisations. The objectives of these programmes are varied, and include guiding, motivating and providing career pathways for socially vulnerable youth; supporting entrepreneurship skills among students, regularly donating to food banks and increasing environmental awareness in local communities.

Flexible working

Enabling our employees' health and wellbeing is a priority for us, and the ability to have a balance between work and personal life is a key element. Our flexible working policy gives our employees autonomy to decide how they work and collaborate with others.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We care deeply about diversity, equity and inclusion in our workforce and across our supply chain. We remain committed to identify and address issues, risks and opportunities and encourage open and transparent conversations. We are proud of our working culture of openness and tolerance, which ensures a positive experience working at our company.

Accountable for our value chain

We have a strong commitment to working with integrity and conducting business honestly and ethically. Our supplier code of conduct sets out our standards and expectations of how we will work in partnership across our supply chain, and this is complemented by our own employee code of conduct. We are working towards increasing transparency and visibility through our wider supply chain, including using SEDEX, the world's leading ethical trade membership organisation.

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