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In 1783, Jacob Schweppe created the world’s first soft drink, Schweppe’s Soda Water. His entrepreneurship, creativity and determination was just the start of a journey full of flavour and breakthrough innovation that we’re still savouring today.
Fast forward to the present, to discover a wide range of drinks with intense taste and special fizziness that makes drinking Schweppes a matchless experience with or without alcohol.

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Brand Facts

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Leader in Europe

Schweppes is a leader in the Tonic category in Iberia, France, Italy, Poland, DACH region and Scandinavia

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Indian Tonic Water

In 1870 the Indian Tonic Water was launched. When English people mixed it with lime and gin, the classic mix Gin Tonic was born.

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First-ever soft drink

It’s the first-ever soft drink created in 1783

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20 different varieties

Schweppes today has over 20 different soft drink varieties, ranging from classic mixers, refreshing fruit drinks and premium mixers

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Secret recipe

Schweppes Indian Tonic recipe has been secretly kept for over 150 years

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