Iconic brands with unique
European heritage

Our range of soft drinks includes a line-up of some of Europe’s most iconic brands. We always ensure we offer a wide range of choice in our brands. We have innovated to create amazing tasting zero, lower calorie drinks and naturally sweetened beverages as well as more indulgent drinks for celebratory occasions. And all of our drinks display nutritional information so you always know what’s inside.

Our brands

Our range of soft drinks includes a line-up of some of the most iconic brands. Household names include Schweppes*, Lucozade, Orangina, Oasis* and Ribena.

*Owned and commercialized within SBFE respective territories.

brands logo schweppes


Worldwide Brand ownership shared by Suntory with other companies. In 1783, Jacob Schweppe created the world’s first soft drink, Schweppe’s Soda Water. Discover a wide range of drinks with intense taste and special fizziness that makes drinking Schweppes an unmatched experience, with or without alcohol.

brands logo orangina


One of the most natural and original soft drink in the world thanks to its unique recipe with orange pulp and its iconic, orange-shaped bottle. Since 1936, the Mediterranean natural flavour of Orangina has been enjoyed by many generations.

brand logo lucozade black


Launched in 1927, and still enjoyed and loved by millions of consumers, Lucozade provides energy and pleasure to help you get through your day, no matter what. Lucozade Sport was launched in 1990, and exists today to bring people together through the power of sport.

brands logo oasis


A fun, natural, refreshing and adventurous fruit drink that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s made without artificial colourants or preservatives, and a reduced quantity of added sugar.

brands logo ribena


The brand launched in 1938 and, since then, people have been in love with the unmistakable taste of Ribena, full of character and rich with the taste of British grown blackcurrants. Its range of flavours and drinking styles make it possible for people of any age to enjoy its fruity flavour.

brands logo maytea


Launched in 2016, this natural iced tea is infused with real tea. It’s low in calories, with no sweeteners and no artificial flavour or colouring, and it still brings pleasure through light and elegant touches of fruit and plant flavours.

brands logo drpepper

Dr Pepper

The Texan classic from Charles Alderton. Named after the village doctor out of love for his daughter. A one-of-a-kind mix of 23 flavours and herbs.

brands logo gini


Get seduced by the hottest cool drink in town. The perfect refreshment with a unique lemon taste and a touch of bitter.

brands logo pulco


Simplicity, authenticity and natural freshness in a bottle of concentrated juice that you can use to mix your own drinks. Pulco has been an iconic brand in France since its launch in 1971.

brands logo energade


Energade is a sports energy drink that replenishes what exercise takes out of you. We aim to be the drink of choice for any sports person preparing for or recovering from regular exercise or planned fitness events.

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More Brands

Our range of soft drinks also includes brands such as Canada Dry, La Casera, Sunny Delight, Champomy, Ricqlès, Pampryl and Banga.