Our people lie at the heart of our business. At SBFE we believe that each one of you has a unique set of skills that makes a positive difference to our business performance and fosters a powerful organization. We therefore need to put the right individuals with the right mind-set, values and capabilities in the right roles and nurture them in their development. We aim at providing work environments where people feel engaged in and can strive to be the best they can be for themselves, the business and the teams they are operating in.
Ultimately we want to create a talented organization built on individuals' strengths to foster growth, enjoy continuously learning and challenging ourselves with our Yatte Minahare spirit.
Erwan Pichon – Finance controller
I joined the SBFE Finance Team one year ago after spending several years in the French Business Unit. Prior to joining the international team I worked as finance controller in two of our factories. This experience has taught me a lot about what we call “Gemba”, in Japanese the place where value is created (shopfloor, manufacturing site). My new role has given me another opportunity to learn and develop in an international environment, broaden my horizons and work with people from different cultural and professional background.
What I value most at SBFE is the autonomy I get, a sense of ownership, the trust from my managers and the variety of areas in my job.
Elise Seibold – Enjoyable Wellness Innovation Director
As Enjoyable Wellness Innovation Director, I help lead our next generation portfolio towards healthier and natural soft drinks. Prior to this, I’ve had several experiences in our French Business Unit working for Oasis, Pulco, Orangina & Schweppes and in sales in category management. SBFE provided me with the opportunity to grow transversally which was an invaluable career experience that gave me great understanding and perspective on the business.
What makes life exciting at SBFE is feeling that the future is in our own hands!
Tristan Pasquet – Ingredients Category Manager
I started working at Orangina Suntory France 9 years ago as Project Leader in the OSF R&D Team. I have held various roles within OSF R&D from Project Leader to responsible of production transfers and finally as R&D senior manager with a team of 8. More recently, I have joined the SBFE Procurement department as Ingredients Category Manager. My career experience is the reflection of SBFE’s talent management: supportive of employees with the desire to make them grow.
What I love about working at SBFE is the culture of taking risks without fear of failure and being around committed and passionate people.
Valérie Giannelli – Talent Manager
I started working at SBFE 5 years ago as HR manager for the French Business Unit (Orangina Suntory France). I’ve held different HR roles before joining the SBFE Regional HR Team as Talent Developement Manager a year ago. At SBFE you can innovate and work on many various topics and projects with different countries. What I love most is the SBFE’s mindset: everything is always possible you only need to “go for it”.
Clémence Deichmann – Insurance Manager
I’m the insurance manager for SBFE. I’ve only joined the business 6 months ago but I already feel a strong sense of belonging. At SBFE, you can tell that team spirit isn’t just a corporate value but a real mindset. The level of autonomy we get is invaluable and a real driver. I love the fact that SBFE nurtures a work environment where one can grow, get out his comfort zone and challenge himself to achieve his objectives. Ultimately, you can take risks while working in a fun and bubbly company.
We believe that great leaders do not only drive business success, but hold a responsibility for their peoples' performance, development and well-being. Great leadership is the driving force behind people engagement and commitment.
Leadership at SBFE is all about being inspirational, passionate and being driven to make things happen. We believe that only when we build strong teams and follow a shared vision, we can drive innovation towards business success.
Yatte Minahare – Go for it !
You're passionate, willing to make a difference and deliver results, flexible, committed and enjoy a good laugh?
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