Iconic brands with unique
European heritage

Our range of soft drinks include a line-up of some of Europe’s most iconic brands. These drinks range from fruity to fizzy, still to sublime, diet to decadent.

We've crafted amazing tasting zero, lower calorie drinks and naturally sweetened beverages, as well as more indulgent drinks for celebratory occasions and memorable moments.

Our brands

Our drinks are loved by consumers across the globe, creating and
enriching meaningful experiences.
House-hold names include Orangina, Schweppes*, Ribena, Lucozade, Oasis* and La Casera.

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*Owned and commercialized within SBFE respective territories.

brands logo orangina


One of the most natural and original soft drinks in the world thanks to its unique recipe with orange pulp and its iconic, orange-shaped bottle. Since 1936, the Mediterranean natural flavour of Orangina has been enjoyed by many generations.

brands logo lucozade


Launched in 1927, and still enjoyed and loved today by millions of people, Lucozade provides energy and pleasure to help you get through your day, no matter what. The range also includes Lucozade Sport, an isotonic drink designed to unlock the body's potential.

brands logo ribena


People have been in love with the unmistakable taste of Ribena since its launch in 1938. It's full of fruity character and rich with its signature taste of British grown blackcurrants. There's a wide range of flavours and drinking styles to enjoy.

brands logo schweppes


In 1783,Jacob Schweppe created the world’s first soft drink, Schweppe’s Soda Water. Today, Schweppes continues to be an unmatched drinking experience, with or without alcohol, full of flavour and life!

brands logo maytea


Launched in 2016, this natural iced tea is infused with real tea. It’s low in calories, with no sweeteners and no artificial flavour or colouring, and it still brings pleasure through light and elegant touches of fruit and plant flavours.

New Oasis Logo 2


A fun, natural, refreshing and adventurous fruit drink that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s made without artificial colourants or preservatives, and a reduced quantity of added sugar.

brands logo pulco


Simplicity, authenticity and natural freshness in a bottle of concentrated juice that you can use to mix your own drinks. Pulco has been an iconic brand in France since its launch in 1971.

brands logo la casera

La Casera

La Casera is an emblematic Spanish brand offering soft drinks and low-alcohol recipes. La Casera also has a range of light flavours: Lemon, Peppermint and Apple or 'Distinto de Verano', a fresh combination of white wine and lemon juice