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A unique, innovative and passionate company

We believe our company has a unique DNA thanks to our culture - a rare blend of Japanese ingenuity and European entrepreneurship - and our people, always passionate about new challenges.

Inspired by our Japanese heritage we are guided by our values which we embrace to achieve our purpose: Yatte Minahare, our relentless pursuit of reaching beyond the ordinary; Growing for Good, the belief that the more we grow, we expand our capacity to improve society and, Giving Back to Society, recognising the importance of the world around us.

sbfgbi careers culture

A unique culture

We have a rich culture, a unique mix of Japanese roots and European heritage. And we use our Gemba mindset and experience to drive success and results.

sbfgbi careers growing for good

Sustained by nature and water

Our 3,300 passionate employees are unique and diverse individuals, but we all share a common purpose as One Suntory, to inspire the brilliance of life, by creating rich experiences for people, in harmony with nature.

sbfgbi careers values

Grounded in our founder’s values

At SBF GB&I we are always looking forward to the next challenge, to improve and, like water, adapt quickly to any circumstance. But we are also grounded in our founder’s values.

Bartlomiej Krzywdzik SBFE

What I value the most is the autonomy and trust I get

I am very grateful to Suntory for allowing me to start my career in such a supportive, sound yet challenging environment, surrounded by passionate people sharing common values. As a young FP&A analyst, I feel entrusted and empowered to take risks on the way to delivering results. The variety of subjects within the scope of SBFE and the company’s commitment to support its employees’ development make me very excited to keep learning and growing on both personal and professional levels.

Bartlomiej Krzywdzik, Financial Planning & Analysis Assistant Manager,
Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

Elise water rings

I have the feeling that the future is in my own hands

SBFE provided me with the opportunity to grow transversally which was an invaluable career experience that gave me a great understanding and perspective on the business. What makes life exciting at SBFE is feeling that the future is in our own hands!

Elise Seibold, Marketing Director,
Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I

sbfgbi careers graeme

I’m a really proud Suntorian

Working on the Lucozade brand in Marketing I get exposure to all aspects of our business and focus on projects which will give me the broadest experiences to aid my personal growth. I love the creativity I can input into our brand plans and seeing them come to life.

Graeme Robb, Brand Manager Lucozade Sport,
Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I

sbfgbi careers natalie

The people within this organisation inspire me to the be the best I can be

In my role as Head of Production Planning & Supplier Development with a team of 10 I see on a daily basis the values and culture of Suntory demonstrated by everyone, the people within this organisation inspire me to be the best I can be with true “Yatte Minehare” spirit

Natalie Kear, Head of Site Planning and Logistics,
Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I

Six great reasons to join our Suntory family

sfbe careers investment

Be part of a winning team

You’ll join a team motivated by success, results and coached to perform with a winning mindset that is grounded in our leadership spirits. Our winning culture drives us to set high goals, and we give our teams the training and capability to execute brilliantly. And we use our Gemba mindset and experience to drive superior results which makes Suntory a rewarding and rich place to work.

sfbe careers investment

Continuous investment in training and development

Supporting your career growth through continuous training and development is as important to us as it is to you. We even have our own Suntory University on hand to help you out. From coaching and mentoring, to capability and skills-based training, we are there to inspire, nurture and enable our people.

sbfe careers performance
sfbe careers wellbeing

Supporting your physical and mental wellbeing

We encourage everyone to bring their best selves to work, and we’re there every step of the way to support and enable this. We prioritise the health and well-being of all our employees, ranging from active and physical well-being programmes right through to mental health support.

sfbe careers wellbeing

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

Inspired by our founders' attributes, our mission is to create a company where everyone is welcome, treated fairly, made part of our community and supported to thrive. We recognise, like many organisations, there remains work to do to realise the vision of achieving a truly diverse and inclusive society. We are committed to addressing imbalances across our workforce, sounding out and rooting out unfair practices and unconscious bias and most importantly, listening to our employees, including our company’s DE&I taskforce.

sfbe careers diversity
sfbe careers balanced work life

Work-life Integration

We know that a work-life balance is critical to our people and to creating a productive environment. We constantly look at new ways to create harmony between our business and our people. Our flexible working practice gives our people the autonomy to make individual choices about the way in which they work, deliver and collaborate with their colleagues to support our company’s long-term sustainable and profitable growth. And it even includes a daily ‘happiness hour’ and a meeting free afternoon every Friday.

sfbe careers balanced work life

Giving back to society

Our people are as passionate about sustainability and giving back to society as we are. We have local programmes and initiatives where our employees collaborate with charities, community partners and local organisations to improve their environment and enrich other people’s lives. You also get a ‘Growing for Good Day’ every year which is 1 paid day for volunteering activities!

giving back to society

Would you like to join our team?

We are always looking for new people who share our love for challenges, our entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to society and the environment.

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