Our Philosophy

We have a strong culture, with solid principles that guide our business towards creating harmony with people and nature.

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Our Promise

Mizu To Ikiru

As a drinks company, water is in everything we do. Our promise to our stakeholders of Mizu To Ikiru, living with water, reflects three commitments:

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Water is the source of all life. Just like water, we want to renew the world and develop our business sustainably. We want to coexist with nature and protect our environment for future generations, so they can also enjoy a world full of life.

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Water satisfies our thirst and gives us new energies. We too want to satisfy people and enrich their lives by delivering products they enjoy and love.

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Water is powerful, too. It shapes our world in countless ways, changing our landscapes, adapting and flowing freely. We want to reflect that power and adaptability in our business. We will move freely like water to overcome new challenges and find new ways to bring joy to the lives of consumers.

Our Mission

To create harmony with people and nature

Our founding principle of existing in harmony with people and nature remains unchanged. We want to contribute to people’s wellbeing by accompanying them in small moments of joy and enrich their lives by providing them with healthier choices. At the same time, we want to grow sustainably, coexisting with nature and making a positive impact on our environment.

By creating greater bonds of appreciation between people and the world around them, we want to help people live richer, more fulfilling lives, to inspire the brilliance of life.

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sfbgbi growing for good

Our Vision

Growing for Good

We want to be a company that always has a positive impact on its community. We want a better, brighter future for everyone, and we take concrete steps to make that happen.

But we know that the bigger we are, the greater our positive impact can be. That’s where our vision of Growing for Good comes from. It provides a focus on sustainable growth, as we realise that both good and growth are equally important.

This vision applies to the company as a whole and each individual. It’s not just about supporting the company’s growth, but growing ourselves: learn new things, try new things, and become better in everything we do.

sfbgbi growing for good

Our values

Yatte Minahare

Since the beginning, we have found challenges to be opportunities to make things better. This mindset is summarised in Yatte Minahare. A rallying call from our founder Shinjiro Torii to dream big, take challenges and never give up.

We want to create an environment that welcomes boldness and imagination, where fear is rejected and failure is seen as part of the path for improvement and growth. We want our employees to be agile thinkers, confident in their ability to innovate and solve problems with new approaches.

Giving back to society

People love our brands because of the joy they provide. They are part of shared moments of celebration, quiet happiness or great family memories. The delightful experiences they live with our drinks enrich their lives.

But Suntory stands not just for enjoyment, but for responsibility. We recognise the importance of the world around us. We aim to give back generously to the world and to society and build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.