Our Founder Shinjiro Tori was not only a merchant producing whisky to make profit. He wanted to build a successful business in order to make a positive impact on society and the community around him. He believed that success goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. In 1921, even before CSR existed, Suntory opened the “Hojukai” a social welfare organization helping less fortunate people. This was the start of Suntory's pioneering social and environmental contribution activities. Today, our group still believes that growth isn't at odds with nature, sustainability and wellbeing.
We care deeply about our consumers, our employees and our environment.
We care deeply about our communities and our environment.
We are committed to our consumers by providing healthier products and generating unique and enjoyable drinking experiences.
We provide our employees an enjoyable place to work trying to maximize the potential of each, and encouraging them to achieve their goals while taking on new challenges.
As part of our Growing for Good sustainability programme we work closely with our suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions. We work together to uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour throughout our whole supply chain. Our Group Supplier Guidelines can be found here.